Cool Indie Concerts in San Francisco

Looking for a good indie concert to round out the month? Here are a couple of talented groups that will be making their way through San Francisco in the next couple of weeks. So pick up some tickets and enjoy.

Spoon - Fox Theatre Oakland - May 29th

They’ve been around for nearly 20 years and have set many a standard for the independent music scene. 2014 saw the coming of their new album and now they’re out on tour to promote it. So hear the new tunes that these long-time talents have put together as they perform them live.

The Script - Fox Theatre Oakland - May 31st

They’ve been out of the loop for a couple of years, but now this Irish group is back and on tour again. Listen to older tunes and new ones, live, and discover why so many people consider them to be one of the hottest talents to come across the ocean in the last decade.


Photo courtesy of Zachary Ground via Wikicommons